What has gotten Syn angry about coding today??


Random 16yr old mayoiP who saw a mutual code a website of their own and was inspired to do so aswell even though I've never coded anything before. (Better viewing experience of the website on landscape or desktop!!)

Tatsumayo!!(Heavily under construction. Don't go here)


So it's been a hot minute since I last touched my neocities and now I have a desk!! Super happy. Also in the same span of time I also now have a Mayoi plushie which is next to me as I write this. At this momemt of time, I'm going to tackling marquees but god knows if I'll be able to do it. OMG I forgot to mention that now I have a PURPLE pinstripe jacket that has a corseted back!! Very Mayoi core but me and mayoi kinda have similar aesthetics (well I guess when it comes to ideal fashion)


Do you ever just stop yourself from drawing for crazy amounts of time because you don't like how your art is now? Yeah me too but I know the only way to improve at art is to practice however I'm going to wait until I get a desk because using my bedside table as a desk ain't good. I usually shrimp a lot. I also need to get an external keyboard because I have to REALLY shrimp to type these messages and I need better posture than a shrimp. I really like drawing if only I didn't get frustrated trying to start a piece, lack anatomy knowledge, getting frustrated by how long it's taking me to finish a drawing and lacking ideas but those are things I hope to change because they're mostly all fixed by practice. Ok I just sat straight on my chair and the feeling in my back says that I NEED to get a external keyboard SOON. LMAO.


I was right. Ep11 of Link Click S2 has left me a broken man before school.

Basically I was scared of everything while I was watching it and I was rightfully so in doing that. The end of the episode had actually got me to cry and not be strong but then I get fucking WHIPLASH. Like, I don't think anyone in the link click fandom expected what happened then. Don't ask the link click fandom what went down in ep11 they will cry. AAAAAA BUT EVERYTHING IS IN DISARRAY AND IT WAS THE CHARACTER WHO LEAST DESERVED IT. Crying myself a river to drown myself in. Actually at this point, it's just a battle Royale or just the hunger games because anyone and everyone could get rocked. Also when I finished the episode, I wanted to fall on my back to dramatize it but it actually hurty back more than I expected but thankfully it was short pain. Oh no... I have to tell Maru about Link Click ep11 and for all I know they'll start crying after school too.


Okay it might be a little counterproductive to make a blog on this site because I already bought a journal but maybe this blog will just be about anything exciting that involves my interests like how tomorrow I will simply perish Minecraft style when I watch ep11 of Link Click Season 2.

Because of everything that went DOWN in link click so far, ep11 will actually destroy me and ep12 ,that's coming out next week, will have me jaw wide open. I can already see it ಥ_ಥ. I will be the shell of a brocken man..... /j.
Omg I really need to stop getting myself into media that deals with time travel or anything about changing time because it's actually just pain because you always want to have things change but can't, then there's the fact everything gets 10x more confusing because I start thinking about the origin timeline since for some reason I think there's multiple timelines and are just playing after the previous timeline.

But I haven't played enstars in a bit and I need to be prepared for any way to get dia because in a years time, I'll need 24k dia so I can definitely get tour day mayoi and tatsumi. When I do get tatsumi, I'm scared that I'll actually have to read the story because IT'S THE DAMN OBBLIGATO CARD o(ㄒoㄒ) I'm really scared of knowing what went down with past tatsumi and I'll cross that bridge when I get there.


Woooo! First blog page probs gonna be going crazy about thing other than mayoi because I plan on making a dedicated page just for her!

However just so that I can release some of my chaotic mayoi lover nature,I will breifly speak aboaut her.

First thing is his pronouns, I actually like all variations of mayoi so I actually prefer to use he/she/they pronouns for Mayoi since they all have a fluffy idea to me and I can still have many moments that are super happy depending on which set of pronouns are used;
Another thing about mayoi I like is that they're purple, okay booo throw tomatoes at me but I can't deny that part of my affection for her is because of their hair colour but honest to tatsumi its only less than 25% (i hope) You can't blame me for having purple as my favourite colour and then liking MOST purple characters in anything. I mean Shenzi does it with blue characters!! Our brains are distant cousins frfr.
Anyway the third thing I like about mayoi is how kind he is, Mayoi may have their general thing being about how self depricative she is but she cares for his unitmates quite a lot for intsance, taking on the role of mother of Alkaloid even though she doesn't see herself fit for it, offering to knit mittens for Hiiro, being the choreographer for Alkaloid, making adjustments to choreo keeping mind of Tatsumi's leg injury and pushing themself for Alkaloid to shine;

Ok I might like Mayoi a little, guys. But seriously tho I believe that Mayoi has actually made me a little better as a fan of media because I would always say (insert character) is my favourite but I wouldn't really be willing to do a deep dive about them and only deep dive in the moment when my brain makes connections but now that I have Mayoi, I feel like I genuinely have a favourite character that I deeply adore.